Role: Creative Director / Copywriter

Andes Hagglers campaign

we were asked for a 30'' spot.
as we had this idea,
we said: -better make it a 60'' campaign.
the client said: -31''.
we said: -59''.
client: -32''
us: -51''.
client: -ok, 50''.

we shook hands, made a deal and the 'hagglers' campaign happened.

Gold Cannes Lions Film
Silver Cannes Lions Film
Bronze Cannes Lions Direct
Silver Clio Awards Film
Gold ANDYS Film
Silver ANDYS Film
Bronce One Show Film
2 x Gold Wave Film, Promo
Silver Wave Film, Promo
Gold Ojo de Iberoamérica Film
Gold El Sol Film
2 x Bronze El Sol Outdoor, Promo
Grand Prix Diente (Argentinian creative circle)
3 x Gold Diente (Argentinian creative circle) Film, Film Campaign
3 x Silver Diente (Argentinian creative circle) Film, Promo, Craft
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