There's a lot of projects in this section.
They are outside the advertising world, but still in the communications world.

The first one, Perdone mi francés (in spanish: Excuse my french) it's a personal project along with 3 friends.
We've created this group as an exploration space where we could make happen the stuff we couldn't even think of executing in other spaces.

We wrote a song and made a dance move so you can remember to check for your keys, wallet and cellphone, whenever you go out. then we shot a videoclip. It still sounds in the radio in Argentina, and it was considered the "summer hit" by a major radio station.
before that, we published a book, about stupid stuff, smart stuff, interesting stories and not so interesting stories called "Tonto". that's spanish for "dumb".

It's sold out. With nationwide distribution in Argentina.

This was a football joke. We didn't do much of football stuff, but when we did this, we got to national news.
It's not subtitled, so here's an explanation:
When you see live football In Argentina, there are around 15 seconds of delay if you see it in HD or not HD.
So, one of Argentina's biggest clubs River Plate, played the semifinal of Copa Sudamericana.
A really tense scenario.
In the middle of the match we screamed a "Fake goal" to see what happens to those with HD.

We were asked many times to give lectures about our work, I particularly like this one, called "Digital Ecology Seminar".
Where we talk about how internet leaves a carbon footprint and how to prevent global warming by stop sending memes all the time.

Unfortunately it's not translated into another language, but you have two options, you can either see it in Spanish, and try to figure out what we are talking about. Or you can press the CC button and search for your favorite language, such as spanish.


We tried to do some internet experiments on social networks:

this is just a small sample from the tons of things that Perdone mi francés did as a collective art team.

We've won a bunch of awards with our stuff, none of them in the world of the advertising awards industry.


fotosensible + mmzz

I really enjoy writing songs, here are some I recorded with my friend fotosensible, they are featured in his last record.

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