Warsteiner Argentina's brand concept launch

As one of the first brands I worked for as an ECD, I was asked to help this brand with a new strategy.

A German beer, with a taste that doesn't match the popular argentinian light beer palate. It's way more strong and intense that regular beers in Argentina. Meaning that Warsteiner is not for everyone, that's how we got to the new brand concept: If you like it, fine.

To launch this territory, we made a interactive brand manifesto.
The first step was uploading this intentionally bad, surreal ad:

After a few days, we uploaded another version of the ad to the brand's social networks, this time edited to include some of the negative feedback we received online:

Role: Executive Creative Director

6 x Silver Ojo de Iberoamérica Interactive, Promo, Film, Film Craft
4 x Silver Diente (Argentinian creative circle) Film, Interactive, Integrated, Promo
Bronze Diente (Argentinian creative circle) Interactive

Warsteiner Variety social media launch
To launch a new variety of beer, we decided to go deep on who is going to know which was, and where to find it.

Warsteiner outdoor campaign
These posters were on subway stations, where people usually wait for 4 minutes for the next train to come.

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